Teroris di Bandung

Teroris di Bandung. Police confirm two men arrested at a house rented in the area Cibiru, Bandung as terrorist suspects. They were identified by their initials and Hz Tj is also touted as a network member Noordin M Top.

Foto Teroris di Bandung

"The arrest of two people with the initials TJ and Hz," said Police Inspector Pol Sutarman Jabar in the short message received okezone, Saturday (08/07/2010) evening.

According Sutarman, a second role in the terrorist network router including Noordin M Top and Azhari DR. Both have been operating in Indonesia.

"Terrorist network that had been operating in Indonesia. Successor Azhari and Noordin M Top," added Sutarman.

88 Densus team this afternoon raided a rented house in Kampung Sukaluyu No 49D RT 11 RW 12 Kelurahan Pasir Cibiru Blue District. Presumably the house occupied by terrorists.

Police secure the two men while another man fled into the backyard. According to inhabitants, which contracted in the third person's house was Trisnawati Hilmi, Fahri, and Hamzah.