Kickfest Bandung 2012

Kickfest Bandung 2012. Products show the greatest distro in Bandung KickFest 2012 were held today until July 18, 2012. Reza Pamungkas, KickFest program in 2012, revealed hundreds of people have started to arrive since it was opened this afternoon activities. "There is no ceremonial ritual because we avoid things like that. We immediately opened the gate and now also been busy, "he said today.

Foto Kickfest Bandung 2012

Based on observations hot news blog, the streets around the stadium Siliwangi observed dense because of the many people who visit the area. Parking areas which are located at the stadium quite limited so it is quite a lot of vehicles that had parked in the road.

Although not able to accommodate the number of visitors, the location of activity this year spelled out a more adequate than 2009 locations in Sasana Culture KickFest Ganesha (SABUGA) on Jl Tamansari ITB. SABUGA exhibition area last year was not only unable to accommodate the vehicle but also the exhibitors, who missed a lot of booths.

Therefore, the committee targeted figures KickFest 2012 visit to the area this time reaching 70,000 people, more than last year recorded 56 000 people. Reza booth provided the committee put forward this year as many as 170 units, exceeding last year fewer than 100 units. "For this year there is also a participant who did not goto the places because the capacity of the stadium could only accommodate 170 booths," he said.

"Kickfest Bandung 2012" open from 10.00 am - 22.00 pm with a variety of creative activities that are patterned, such as musical performances, graffiti, bicycles, and skateboards.

Reza suggests several indie bands will also enliven this activity, al Mocca and coil. "Performing new music can be enjoyed starting at 3 pm. Bands are also present through the people's choice poll in the site that we made," he said.