Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita fitting motto for pertamina because of the motto "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita" many positive changes happening in pertamina began with the change icon and now it is starting to show results. as in the article I took from pertamina titled 4T ENDURO IN SEGMENT speeding motor oil.
Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita
Word of Mouth

Oil Enduro 4T become special discussion by Hermawan Kertajaya in MarkPlus Workshop Series at Hotel Borobudur mid-2006. Enduro 4T marketing made based case to the success of the marketing and sale of lubricants in motor oil is not 4. This discussion reprinted in his book titled Hermawan Field Marketing Performance Boosting together with the success of Yamaha motorcycles, Garuda Food merengsek market. This is clearly a pride in the lubricants business competition is very tight, Enduro get word of mouth advertising. As lubricant motor nascent stage in the cycle Product Life Cycle (PLC), have shown the performance Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita of brand awareness, brand recall positive.
Enduro 20W50 API SJ oil with the tag line anti slip clutch JASO MA has been launched since late 2003. Brand new with the target segment of the motor 4 is not brand other than Mesran second that had already entered the market. If Mesran oil can be used for cars and motorcycles, so positioning Enduro 4T more clear as motor oil, not 4. Although cars and motorcycles both technology 4 stroke, but slightly different lubricant applications due to the engine in the motor rotation is higher than the car, wet clutch system, etc.. In communicating as a different product such as Super Mesran need a strategy-making triangle Brand, differentiation and clear Positioning customers in the brain. This concept that will affect the communication taktikal products to customers.

Promotion as one element of Marketing Mix very well need to be done, in order to catch the target market the message. If this message can be up to the initial capital to try Enduro 4T. Early indications from the team SMR (Merchandise Sales Representative) at the field level of penetration, spreading and already covarage Enduro 4T mejeng Yamaha franchise in the garage, shop patched palm oil until the wind. This means Enduro 4T has a selling power in the market.

Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

Marketing Process

In launching a new product, Lubricants Unit has improved marketing process from product formulas, packaging, testing, pricing strategy, distribution channel through to the marketing communications. Enduro launched was by design rules follow the marketing war that developed between the brand of war. So the brand must be prepared in order to fight with competitors, especially oil imports.

Motorcycle engine oil as 4 steps, Enduro enter the market in December 2003 after a series of laboratory tests through to the highway. Program design ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) is designed to provide integrated marketing communication. Ogilvy strategy is applied in 360-degree positioning make Enduro 4T to get too defrensiasi of Mesran even with competitors.

In cooperation with the launching Suzuki Shogun 125 Enduro 4T digeber oil for 48 hours non-stop full-speed at Sentul International Circuit and the State Browse through 15,000 km. The pattern gives Experiental Marketing also provided to customers, through the community like PMC (Pertamina Motor Club), EMC (Enduro Motorcycle Club), HTML (Honda Tiger Miling List). Such methods is quite effective in transmitting experience using the consumer. Even to maintain continuity with the consumer, Enduro appear in the web of the community, so that could be discussed among bikers.

To reinforce the brand association with Suzuki Enduro event road race dikerek Enduro 4T Suzuki One Make Race in various cities in Indonesia. Even with Yamaha motor oil that has also made cooperation From Zero to Hero to make the best sons of Indonesia can compete in the international arena. With drivers Donni Tata flown in the arena Enduro Yamaha Moto GP and the Japan series.

The use of advertising on television can not be avoided, because a wide covarage. Backed by two clips with the theme of the ad-Rance and Endu Basuki "Ric Why", Enduro 4T send a message that is easily digested to consumers of quality lubricants. Weigh the target market is the segment of SES (Social Economic Status) B & C is chosen as the medium of television TPI her placement. Even when the great World Cup event in Germany nangkring Enduro 4T participate in SCTV. Activities in this TV promo integrated with activities such as construction jersey World Cup.


Business environment has changed from era to era of monopoly free competition by a factor 4C (Company, Customer, Competitor and Change). As a market leader Pertamina to become a leader in winning change. So far, Pertamina has become a price setter on psychographic segments that price sensitive. Looking ahead Pertamina products must be Product Leadership in the lubricant business.

Strategy and taktikal in Enduro 4T provide memenej interesting experience in building a brand. Research has shown Enduro 4T has achieved brand awareness in the category. End of brand strength is the product sales. For Enduro 4T sales have been in a positive growth path. Management lessons from Sigmoid curve has been suggest that in order to give birth Enduro 4T new variants. For that launched Enduro Racing 4T with thinner consistency, 10W40 with API SJ and JASO MA2. With synthetic oil base Enduro Racing diseg-menkan as oil that can be used for racing and day-to-day. This dibandrol oil at a premium price.

Similarly Enduro 20W50, the Racing Series is also through the slick marketing process. Starting from the formula by making product development, testing continued at Hazelwood England. This formula is tested for 50 hours non-stop with Neo Suzuki Smash around 4226.9 km in the Sentul International Circuit. The results were remarkable fuel savings of 16% and the motor never ngadat. Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita Achievements and Suzuki Enduro Racing is entered in the record Muri.

Through FGDs (Focus Group Discussion) of lubricant users of non Pertamina Pertamina and even gained entry to the price acceptable to consumers and the need to put a funnel from the bottle for easy pouring motor oil into the engine. Be Enduro Racing has not owned the differentiation of other products. With the new variant out Enduro 4T is projected to have a stronger brand of motor oil was 4. Enduro 4T Racing now has entered the market in the distribution exclusively. Market results Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita in Jabotabek trial showed Enduro Racing began acceptable to the market.

Childbirth and Enduro market has provided knowledge in product management. This is very important for a successful product on the market. (Redesmon Munir - Pertamina Lubricants Unit). article sourche : pertamina

That evidence "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita" conducted by both parties pertamina boss and all the employees pertamina company. therefore let us go a slogan Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita.