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Peta Mudik 2012 Download. The Government will prepare a transport vehicle such as a truck to transport motorcycles Idul Fitri travelers in 2012. "We help them to reduce the number of accidents," said Minister of Transportation, Freddy Numberi said after a coordination meeting at the office of Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in Jakarta.

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According to him, so as not to burden the motorcycle travelers, it will attempt to transport a motorcycle to use the truck free of cost or free. He mentioned, attempts to transport a motorcycle with another transport Lebaran season ever done in previous years where motorcycles are transported by train.

"I used to never use a train but its capacity is very limited so the number of accidents on the roads remains high," said Freddy. According to him, attempt to transport a motorcycle with trucking is still studied by the Directorate General of Land Transportation Kemenhub.

Meanwhile, regarding the addition of fleet Lebaran, Minister says, there will be increased compared with previous years but he did not mention the exact figure.

Meanwhile, to avoid congestion, it coordinates with local governments to prevent any spillage market. "We are coordinating with local governments so that they can help the market overcome the spill," he said.

Freddy says, DG of Land Transportation in cooperation with a number of parties already be ready to H-10. While the agreement regarding the tariff, the government sets upper and lower limits for public transportation.

While at the airport attempted to prevent the long queues by increasing x-ray detector. "In the Soekarno Hatta, we add from three to four to five, a special x-ray crew will also be opened to passengers," said Minister of Transportation.

Download Peta Mudik 2012