Trauma Patwal Presiden

Trauma Patwal Presiden. Presidential Staff Legal Indrayana Denny said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has read the letter from NS in the Kompas daily news Hendra titled "Trauma by Patwal President."

"The president immediately ordered an investigation conducted for the correctness of such reader's letter," Denny said in a brief message, Friday, July 16, 2010 night. If the complaint in the letters column is true, said Denny, President deeply regrets.

"The president will give strict punishment to the perpetrators if it is true that readers of this letter," Denny added.

In addition, Denny is also asserted that during this Presidential majority live in the State Palace. Only at the weekend the President returned to Cikeas. "Or, on the day when there are evening activities in Cikeas President."

If you must go from Cikeas, he continued, the President often left on time at around 5 shubuh. Conversely, if departing from the Palace, the President was back on top at 9 pm.

"It was done in order to avoid congestion and kekurangnyamanan for the community."

According to him, in terms of travel-Cikeas Cibubur which the way was always crowded President ordered that the road is not closed fully. "It flows only." Although the actual VVIP security standards that apply universally, requires closure.

The President also thank you for your letter Hendra NS readers (Isi Surat Trauma Patwal Presiden), and will use it to revamping the system of vehicle escorting the presidential circuit.