Qory Sandioriva - Kanjeng Mas Ayu Qory Mustikaningrum

Qory Sandioriva - Kanjeng Mas Ayu Qory Mustikaningrum. Putri Indonesia 2009 Qory Kanjeng Sandioriva get an honorary degree of Kanjeng Mas Ayu Qory Mustikaningrum Keraton Surakarta, Solo. In the event Tingalan Jumenengan PB XII Tedjowulan or Honorary Degree Granting the Kingdom of Surakarta, Saturday (3 / 7), Qory became the youngest recipient of the title.

Besides the girl born in Jakarta, August 17, 1991, that, there are 19 artists, state officials and public figures who received similar awards. Among others, Akbar Tandjung, Ary Suta, Poppy Dharsono, Soraya Haque, and Najwa Shihab.

Aceh's bloody girl proudly claimed to be the youngest recipient of an honorary degree. Although, when a procession of granting a degree she is also nervous. Understandably, when faced King Sinuhun Tedjowulan Pakubowono XII, he had to walk crouched. "Most memorable moment squat toward the king of the road. Deg-degan really because the first time. The exercise, but for a moment," he said.

Foto Qory Sandioriva - Kanjeng Mas Ayu Qory Mustikaningrum
Foto Qory Sandioriva - Kanjeng Mas Ayu Qory Mustikaningru (JPNN)

Stronger sense of nervous because the event is also attended by the kings and princes from all over Indonesia. Start the king of Cirebon to Ternate. "Alhamdulillah pede. So the experience. It could be a lot of knowledge as well. For example, how to sit down to worship the king," he added.

For Qory, that title is not a burden. The owner of long hair is actually encouraged to behave in accordance with the meaning of the name pinned to it. "Mustika not mean that magical. Ningrum, a fragrance, which gives peace. Glad really given it a name, an award. I shall be in accordance with the given name. I feel I have a responsibility," he explained.