Pemenang L-Men 2012

Pemenang L-Men 2012. Degree of L - Men of the Year in 2012 fell to Rikas, big motorcycle enthusiasts from Lampung. Subsequent efforts to transform a healthy lifestyle, with the ideal body and athletic as a bonus, to fruition. Rikas who also won the Best Transformation Project with a project entitled "From Zero to Hero" claim is not easy to form a healthy body ideal.

But with a strong commitment, karate athlete is proving a healthy lifestyle for men is very maybe executed. The message here is the main mission of L - Men annual event which is now entering his seventh year. The question the jury as he entered the round three were rewarded with great practical answers that can be inspiring a lot of men.

Rikas said the information about healthy lifestyles, especially for men need to be augmented. Its main target is to create a healthier quality of life. Even Rikas, with his title, felt the need to take the role of the popularization of this healthy lifestyle. "The government already has a well - balanced nutrition program and healthy eating patterns, I want to help spread this message. How can depart from the kitchen of every family. With a better quality of life, everyone can be free from degenerative diseases such as heart disease or stroke, " he explained in the Grand Final L - Men of the Year 2012, Sunday (7/18) ago. Another experience of Johan (Central Java), a winner of the title II Runner Up L - Men of the Year in 2012.

Johan admitted often have to motivate himself through the transformation of healthy living. "There are times when about to give up undergoing a transformation. However, a small note taped to the room or place that looks so woke up to be of encouragement to keep motivated, "said Johan answer the questions the jury. Already been crowned champion by choosing one winner.

Mister International 2009 Bruno Kettles from Bolivia, said the 12 grand finalists have become the true champion. "It ' s not easy running an entirely different habits during the selection process. Both in turn become more healthy life styles and familiarize themselves with all the changes. Including, tight schedule with many activities and dealing with publication and media, "he said when met Compass Female over the practice of yoga with the grand finalist in celebrities Fitness fx Plaza, Senayan, Saturday (7/17) ago.

Foto Pemenang L-Men 2012
Foto Pemenang L-Men 2012
Strong commitment indeed become the main capital to consistently live a healthy life. This experience must have experienced all the finalists, including Thomas (West Java II), which won First Runner Up as well as The Most photogenic.

Likewise with Dheka (East Java I), Adzam (East Java II), and Fredy (DKI Jakarta), which could feel the tension is in the top six positions. Achieved a degree of course not merely a symbol of ideal body Pemenang L-Men 2012, but also can be used to build the motivation to adopt healthy lifestyle ala man.