Kopi Luwak Haram

Kopi Luwak Haram. Your coffee lovers ?, coffee must have known that his name Kopi Luwak. Yes, coffee from Indonesia is already an international go-even the title as most expensive coffee and weirdest in the world. Mongoose coffee taste is really different and special among fans and connoisseurs of coffee. Even the press limelight sempatmenjadi Australia.

Because, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had time to give a memento to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with Kopi Luwak, when a visit to Australia early March 2010 past. But the Australian Quarantine Bureau expressed mongoose coffee does not go through inspection first, until finally hold the coffee. The press dubbed Australia's building diplomacy.

Kopi Luwak are different and special because of the way fee that is making a strange and sorry "disgusting". The peasants took off mongoose, which is similar to eating civet or civet coffee beans are ripe and falling. After that, they waited for the Luwak is throw dirt. Well, the beans are out along dirt Luwak that was taken for further processing.

Kopi Luwak Haram
Foto Kopi Luwak Haram
Because the process is a strange reason, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) will issue a fatwa about the Kopi Luwak. According to Chairman of the MUI KH Ma'ruf Amin, before the fatwa was issued fatwas will be held the next commission meeting to discuss coffee mongoose and its laws. "This week, on Tuesday," said Ma'ruf when asked Monday (19/07/2010) about the time the meeting was held.

As mentioned considerations will issue a fatwa MUI Kopi Luwak, a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) is saying because a lot of questions and complaints from the people. According to him, the MUI fatwa, it is expected there is no confusion about the law of the Kopi Luwak.

Is the MUI will forbid coffee mongoose? Ma'ruf Amin, who are also elders in the Muslim mass organization, said NU mongoose kosher or not will be decided after the coffee session MUI fatwa.

"Yes, take your burulah, in time to be announced."

Earlier, Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission Aminuddin Jacob explains, Soluble coffee did not come out with dirt mongoose. This was not soluble coffee drinks made a lot of people. According to Aminuddin, the beans after the mongoose had been digested by chemical changes and will not grow when planted, then it could be considered unlawful.

Conversely, if the beans were no changes to the chemical, then it could be decided kosher. "But whether or not lawful, then the fatwa committee meeting," he added.