Foto Agnes Monica Bugil Tidak Benar

Foto Agnes Monica Bugil Tidak Benar. Road Manager Agnes Monica has been argued that women in the pictures half naked in the bathtub that circulate through the chat last week was not Agnes. Expert telematics, Abhimanyu Wachjoewidajat, also said that the photo is the result of engineering.

"I have reviewed these photos and more convinced that the photo was fake," said Abhimanyu via e-mail he sent to in Jakarta, Monday (06/19/2010).

Based on accurate metadata, Abhimanyu concluded, nude photos of women like Agnes is the result of engineering. "This picture was edited and visually there are two other strong elements that make me doubt that it is a photograph of Agnes," he said. "First, the color tone different from the face and body. Secondly, if based on many samples that I found on the internet, Agnes parting was not right to left, but left to right," he said.

Foto Agnes Monica Bugil

Abhimanyu said again. "So, in my opinion, the offender was only looking for Faking photo frontispiece Agnes, who according to the desired position, but he found an example of a different face of Agnes direction. Then, the actor just turned Agnes's face and he did not dare to change the hairstyle Agnes. So, yes, once flipped left as they are, "he continued.

According to Abhimanyu, the perpetrator was careless engineering. "It's in the photo Faking playing with hair is a normal thing," he said. "From the photo Faking done, look in the same or less observant or less patiently to play Agnes of color on your face because the lighting on the faces are still different from that on his body," he said again.