Endah Juwendah Penipu RBT Telkomsel

Endah Juwendah Penipu RBT Telkomsel. And the Criminal Investigation Unit arrested the Bandung Polrestabes a housewife, Endah Juwendah (31), who deceived some of the victims with losses reaching tens of billions of rupiah.

Endah Juwendah Penipu RBT Telkomsel

Modus led by investment in the ring back tone (RBT), a leading provider, Telkomsel.

Kapolrestabes of Bandung Kombes Pol Imam Budi accompanied by visible Reskrim Supeno AKBP Tubagus Ade Hidayat explained, the case was revealed after the Rev. Dayanto Wijaya reported themselves as victims of alleged fraud amounting to Rp732 million.

"From there we do deepening and direct investigations," he told reporters in Mapolrestabes Bandung, Bandung Jalan Merdeka, Thursday (07/29/2010).

Tubagus disclosed, the mode used by perpetrators is to offer a lucrative investment in the field of RBT Telkomsel. He could give 30 to 50 percent profit in one month from the content provider of investment cooperation in the field of RBT, "Tubagus said.

Because profits are tempting, too, the business which began in 2008 it became a lot of interested persons. Even unmitigated many who invest their money in large quantities.

"There are invest Rp4 billion more money up to that promise because of advantages, but it was only business closing holes dug holes," he said.

Until finally the last few months, Endah can no longer pay benefits to some people. Finally, the victim had agreed to report to Polrestabes Bandung.

"Maybe aside from a few victims who have reported are still many other victims who have not reported and the loss of more than a dozen Billion," he said.

As discussed whether any other suspects besides Endah there who helped him. Match details tersanga he admitted that money from their customers send back to someone more on top. "But we're not sure if the person is really there or just engineering principals only, still we have developed and understood better" he explained.

In addition to arrest the perpetrator, investigators also seized dozens of sheets of material evidence in the form of proof of deposit of the victims, one Blackbery, three mobile phones, laptops, and four cards for GSM. Police also ensnare players with such layered article 378 article 372 KUH juncto Criminal fraud and embezzlement and criminal acts to collect funds from the public without permission from Bank Indonesia in accordance with banking laws No. 10 of 1998 amended the Law. 07 of 1992 on banking. The above five-year prison sentence, said Tubagus.

To avoid fraud led to a fictitious investment, Tubagus recommends that the society is more rigorous in selecting an investment return. "It can be checked beforehand to the truth of the information to stakeholders and the most important thing is not easily tempted by the huge profits that are not logical, such as profits up 50 percent," he said.